• In Memory Of2:30
  • Samba Pa Ti4:42
  • Oye Como Va4:19
  • Gitano6:12
  • Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)5:05
  • Fuego Gitana4:26
  • Havana3:40
  • Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen5:19
  • Si me recuerdas2:44

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So what's there to do in Rocky Point?

Puerto Peñasco is a small city of approximately 42,000 population in the northern state of Sonora, Mexico. Located on the shore of the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortés), the town is known for its fishing and tourism industries.
Puerto Peñasco, alternatively known among many of its English-speaking visitors as "Rocky Point," is a popular destination for tourists, particularly those that reside in the U.S. state of Arizona, for whom it is the nearest beach resort. It is also a popular Spring Break destination with students from Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Puerto Peñasco is located in the 'free zone' where tourists are not required to obtain immigration papers in order to visit (however, U.S. border agents advise that as of January 2008 a passport will be required to re-enter the United States).
Puerto Peñasco has two main beach areas. To the west of the Old Port area, there is a wide, flat area known as Sandy Beach. This is the home to several large hotel/resorts, and more are under construction. East of town, there is a long coast with several areas known in parts as La Mirador, Playa del Oro and then Las Conchas, an area of beachfront and near-beach condos, homes and timeshares.
The area features wide variations between high and low tides. With the shallowly sloping sea bed, this can lead to dramatic changes in the waterline twice a day. At the eastern beaches, this reveals a rocky reef with abundant sea life.
The Old Port has a variety of shopping and dining, from roadside taco stands to restaurant-style dining, from an Italian bistro to rooftop seafood. There are stalls with souvenirs and traditional items -- many of which you can haggle for -- as well as artist shops.
Puerto Peñasco has a small general aviation airport that is not currently capable of handling typical commercial airliners. The closest commercial airports are several hours away by car, in Hermosillo, Guaymas-San Carlos, Sonora, Phoenix, Arizona, orMexicali, Baja California. Current tourist development plans call for the local airport to be expanded and an international airport opened in 2008. A major highway is currently underway that will connect Puerto Penasco with San Luis Rio Colorado andYuma, Arizona, offering a faster route from Tijuana/San Diego and Los Angeles.
As of 2005, there were a few charter airlines in Phoenix, Arizona, that offered flights to Puerto Peñasco. Public van service from Phoenix is also offered (as of 2006).
There is a statue of Benito Juárez in a plaza near the beaches.
There are at least two SCUBA diving operations in Puerto Peñasco although the waters near to shore tend to be quite shallow.
Puerto Peñasco's fishing zone lies in the Gulf of California, and there has been much concern about growth-related overfishing and the ocean's ability to sustain the town's fishing industry into the future. 
Puerto Peñasco is also slated for upcoming marina and other boat-related developments as part of the country's 'Escalera Nautica' efforts, which call for a chain of 'tourist-class' marinas sprinkled up and down the Baja coast in an effort to promote nautical tourism.
In 2006, then-president of Mexico Vicente Fox visited Puerto Peñasco and reiterated the government's support of the ongoing housing, airport, and other infrastructure-related federal funding in an effort to keep pace with the region's growing demands. 

Although commonly known in English as "Rocky Point", this is not an accurate translation. In Spanish, "Puerto Peñasco" literally means"Rocky Port". Rocky Point in Spanish would more accurately be Punta Peñasco.

Source: Wikipedia​​

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